The New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards honor current first-generation immigrant business leaders helping local New Jersey communities thrive.

The Awards were created to highlight the history and academic influence of New Jersey’s immigrant entrepreneurs and their contributions to communities throughout the state. The intention of the New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards is to bring together business groups from across the state to join in celebrating the important role of immigrants to today’s economy.  The awards honor immigrants for their achievements in growth, advocacy, innovation, sustainability, and leadership.

Historically, New Jersey’s immigrant entrepreneurs were responsible for the invention of the transistor, the modern brassiere, the submarine, Vitamin C, game theory, prong setting for gemstones, the chemical synthesis of penicillin and instant coffee. Iconic companies like Lipton Tea, Welch’s Grape Juice, Ballantine beer, and Colgate-Palmolive were founded by immigrant entrepreneurs who chose New Jersey for their homes and places of business. During its history, New Jersey was home to the first successful glass making business in the colonies as well as the largest marine engine building shop, the largest parachute production company , the fourth largest brewery, the sixth largest home builder in America – all of these companies were founded by immigrant entrepreneurs.

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